Country Boy

I have no idea what I'm doing here.
Loving the view.

Loving the view.

After weeks and months of searching, we finally found an apartment in West New York, NJ. Thank you Lord!
Now to get acquainted with all the methods of transportation.

Taking in an afternoon concert.

Taking in an afternoon concert.

I’m about to rant for a minute.
I’m standing in line waiting to order something to eat this afternoon, and a young man is in the line with a hair bush constantly bushing his facial hair.

Here is something I don’t get, why is it that our young boy/men, would leave home with a hair brush in the hand/pocket, and would stand up in public brushing their hair, sideburns, beard?

If for some unknown reason, which I can’t grasp, why your hair needs constant attention, please find yourself a restroom and go and attend to yourself. You don’t need to share whatever bacteria, lice, and other bugs you have in your hair with the public.

Seem to me that we have lost all form of etiquette.

When it comes to hair growth on my chest, I’m like a boy who has not entered puberty. So it was a little astonishing lately when I found two strand, or was it three? Growing on my chest. Well obviously I plucked them out; let’s hope they never show up again.
I do like my barren chest thank you.

You do notice the difference.

You do notice the difference.

Went NJ yesterday looking apartments. That was a tiring experience.

Selfie with the wife

Selfie with the wife

I’m in New York.

I just want to make a call

To the management of Lime BVI.

You’re becoming like what CCT use be when when I made the switch to your network.
The escalation in drop calls means I can’t carry on a decent voice conversation. Just so you are aware, this was the very reason I left CCT to join your network. If this a one time thing, you would not have been hearing from me, but this has been happening for the past several weeks, and the situation only seem to be worsening. Now not only are the drop so frequent, but it has gotten to the point where the call has disconnect and yet I’m not able to terminate the call; having to shut down my phone in order to disconnect a call is not an option I’m willing to subscribe to.

It’s time you get your shit together. This is becoming too much to deal with. Not only do I have to deal with your crappy internet (once clocking your speed at 0.20MB), now I can’t make a call using my cell phone.

Thank you for your time
From a soon to be ex customer.

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